Call for presentations

The IFIP Doctoral Seminar on Software-Intensive Systems Engineering will consist of 5 invited lectures followed by two sessions of short presentations. The aim of the sessions of short presentations is to provide feedback to Ph.D. students on their research. Each Ph.D. student participating in a short presentations session will be assigned 17 minutes:

  • 12 minutes for presentation itself, plus
  • 5 minutes for discussion.

The presentation should focus on explaining the problem to be solved, its practical implications, and the approach one wants to apply. It should also indicate a few papers/books most important from the point of view of the presented research.

Each submission should be in the PDF format and it should not exceed one A4 page (Times New Roman, at least 10 points). The submission should consist of four parts: Context, Objective, Practical implications, Approach (see the sample submission). The author (or the first author if there are more than one) and the person giving the presentation should be a Ph.D. student. Both the proposal and the registration form should be sent to The organizers of the Doctoral Seminar will arrange a special issue of the Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IF=1.00, ISSN 0239-7528) journal devoted to Software-Intensive Systems Engineering that will contain selected papers presented (in their initial form) at the Doctoral Seminar.

Speciall issue of the Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IF=1.00, ISSN 0239-7528)