Provisional program (March 2, 2015, Monday)

Invited lectures (room BT-123)

9:00 Opening
9:15 Prof. Yuko Murayama: Anshin - the sense of security
9:50 Prof. A Min Tjoa: Linked Open Data and Semantic Web Concepts
10:25 C o f f e e   b r e a k
10:50 Prof. Kai Rannenberg: ABC4Trust: Providing trust and preserving privacy
11:25 Prof. Franz Rammig: Self-adaptive embedded real-time software
12:00 Prof. Michael Goedicke: Managing Artefacts: HCI Meets Software Engineering
12:35 B r e a k
Track A (room BT-123)
Expert Panel:
Prof. A Min Tjoa – Chair
Prof. Marek Wojciechowski
Prof. Maciej Zakrzewicz
Track B (room BT-121)
Expert Panel:
Prof. Yuko Murayama – Chair
Prof. Adam Dąbrowski
Prof. Jerzy Stefanowski
14:00 Organizational remarks 14:00 Organizational remarks
14:05 Jan Kończak
Replication and crash-recovery made easy by design
14:05 Grzegorz Kwiatkowski
Elaboration and experimental application of a model of semantic features with relations
14:22 Tadeusz Kobus
On the design of a transactional data store's interface
14:22 Aldona Rosner
Automatic musical genre classification using multi-instrumental separation method
14:39 Joanna Konopko
Software-intensive distributed system for Smart Grids improving performance of advanced metering infrastructure data analytics
14:39 Agnieszka Stankiewicz
Automatic identification of pathologies in vitreoretinal interface
14:56 Waqas Ahmed
Coupling temporal and multiversion functionalities in a data warehouse
14:56 Radosław Weychan
Speaker recognition from coded speech in embedded systems
15:13 Artur Wojciechowski
On managing evolution of ETL processes in a data warehouse architecture
15:13 Julian Balcerek
Automatic software system for recognition of threats among calls to emergency services
15:30 C o f f e e   b r e a k 15:30 C o f f e e   b r e a k
16:00 Katarzyna Łukasiewicz
Method of selecting programming practices for safety-critical software development projects
16:00 Michał Sawicki
Model of isochronous data transaction for USB 3.0 scheduling process including QoS guarantee
16:17 Andrzej Stroiński
Business process discovery methods and process calculus for RESTful systems
16:17 Jakub Rosner
A KLT feature tracker algorithm designed for graphics processors
16:34 Jakub Marszałkowski
Constructing tag clouds for the web
16:34 Agata Chmielewska
Automation of vision inspection in urban areas
16:51 Karol Piniarski
Adaptive and flexible image segmentation for pedestrian detection
16:51 Marianna Parzych
Automatic analysis of motion and behaviour based on video sequences
17:08 Mateusz Cicheński
Truly problem independent hyper-heuristics framework
17:08 Paweł Stasik
Interpolation methods of low-resolution images
17:25 Closing 17:25 Closing

Invited lecturers

Prof. Yuko Murayama , Iwate Prefectural University

Prof. A Min Tjoa, Director of the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems, Vienna University of Technology:

Prof. Kai Rannenberg, DT Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security, Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main

Prof. Franz Rammig, Head of the Chair of Design of Distributed Embedded Systems, University of Paderborn

Prof. Michael Goedicke, Head of the Chair of Specification of Software Systems, University of Duisburg-Essen